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Additive Innovation

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For centuries designs have been conditioned by what was feasiblewhat materials  can achieve, what technology can build, and what business models can afford. Now feasibility paradigm has been raised to a higher level of freedom in a manufacturing space. In addition, regulated industries are adopting additive manufacturing potential leading to the increasing demand for an upskilled workforce able to understand and implement additive manufacturing capabilities.

We believe that this is a moment we are in history when Additive Manufacturing (AM) is moving from prototyping to becoming an outstanding industrial solution of the future. It will influence every industry and all the stages of the product lifecycle.

Over the following weeks, we’ll dive into the fundamentals, terminology, and technologies of AM. We will have a closer look at AM platforms, feasibility paradigm, ecosystem, and various case studies. We aim at encouraging you to realize the value of AM in your field.

We wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from everyone here at AMASE