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David Alarco

Project Manager

What if? This fundamental question has driven my entire carrier, identifying opportunities where most only find problems; challenging the status quo, proposing alternatives, improving traditional methods. In a nutshell: Changing the way things are made.

Polymer Additive Manufacturing Processes SME for regulated industries

Extensive professional practice over multiple disciplines distinguishes me as a visionary, passionate, creative, innovative, energetic leader with outstanding communication skills, sales-oriented, able to coach, and educate.

•Business Development

Program Management introduced me to the structure of production, focused on delivering compliant quality products according to regulatory standards warrantying +ROI

As a professor in university and high school, I learned the importance of personal relations, the human factor, leadership; how to convey knowledge awaking interest in others.

Sales and Business Development experience in multidisciplinary markets, having in mind customer and consistent quality service as a ‘must’ in every business exchange; seeing it as key for mutual, profitable, and successful long term relationships.

Trading in global markets making of me a skilled, bilingual (Spanish/English), self-motivated, responsible mature man and, all the while, maintaining a professional and personal approach.

Family-oriented, six beautiful children and a grand daughter, a man of faith. I enjoy cooking Valencia’s traditional paella, practicing golf, playing Spanish guitar, and when inspiration comes, Movie Scriptwriting.

"Beauty will save the world" - Dostoevsky